Commercial Coffee Machines

Coffee is growing to be one of the most loved beverages all over the world. It is not just the preferred wake-up drink for millions, but also the preferred beverage for social occasions and meet-ups. In such a scenario, entering the coffee market is an increasingly viable proposition. If you run a café or a restaurant that serves coffee, you can really get an edge with the best commercial coffee machines at your end. And if you have the top coffee machine supplier in Melbourne by your side, you just cannot go wrong!

At Coffee Machine Warehouse, we offer the best range of commercial coffee machines in Melbourne and even Australia, for that matter. We stock both new and used machines in good condition, at extremely affordable and competitive prices. We are proud about offering the best global brands in both commercial coffee machines. You can take your pick from a La Marzocco, Kees Van Der Westen, Wega, San Marina and everything in between. Apart from the best selection of commercial automatic coffee machines in Melbourne, we have also got an amazing range of commercial coffee grinders for sale, so that you can complement your new coffee machine. If you are unsure of which machine you’d like to buy, you can count on our friendly and knowledgeable staff to suggest the right machine and grinder for you.

If you are starting from scratch, then there is no need to worry as we’ve got you covered for every small need. Our accessory kits have everything you need, right from milk jugs, chocolate shakers, coffee knock tube, tamper, tamper mats and even temperature thermometers! If you find cleaning your milk jugs a chore, you can just add a jug rinser to your package and enjoy the luxury of having your jugs cleaned while you do other work. It is these little details that keep boosting our commercial coffee machine sales in Melbourne.

If you do not wish to invest in a machine right away or would like to try before you buy, then we also offer the option of commercial coffee machine hire in Melbourne. We also offer financing for those who would like to buy their own machine, but would prefer to pay it off gradually instead of all at once. With small weekly repayments spread out over 2 to 5 years, there is a payment option for everyone! No matter how you prefer to pay, you will find that our commercial coffee machines come to you at an unbeatable price in Melbourne!

But we are more than just a coffee machine supplier. If you have purchased a commercial coffee machine in Melbourne, we can install it for you as well. And if you have purchased it from us, then we offer free installation within 30 kms of our warehouse. However you choose to buy from us – be it in store or online, we can arrange to have your machine installed and programmed to suit your needs. We like going the extra mile for our customers, so that they feel well looked after and happy right from the first interaction and purchase, till post purchase servicing.

When you buy from us, you don’t need to worry about freight and shipping. We offer free freight all across Australia, so you can be residing practically in any state, and enjoy smooth delivery. Even if you’d like an international delivery, we freight internationally every week so you needn’t worry. Just get in touch with us to get an instant freight quote and time frames.

So if you are looking out for commercial coffee machines for sale in Melbourne, or anything related to coffee machines, look no further than Coffee Machine Warehouse. We are a one stop shop for everything about making coffee.