Rocket Coffee Machine Service Melbourne

There are few things as satisfying as warming up to a mug of steaming hot coffee. Coffee has today become an integral part of our lives – both at home and at work. It is that one drink that can help relax, as well as energize! Amongst the many different types of coffee brews, the espresso has gained popularity the world over as the preferred drink of coffee connoisseurs, and many swear by the flavor of the perfectly brewed espresso. The espresso brewing method extracts the best out of the coffee beans and leaves behind the bitter aftertaste that is common with other methods of brewing.

Not surprisingly, the last few years have seen the domestic espresso coffee machine industry take off exponentially, with new models being regularly introduced, allowing coffee lovers to access café quality espresso in their own home. And Rocket is one of the leading brands when it comes to new espresso coffee machines in Australia.

What makes Rocket coffee machines stand out?

Rocket coffee machines are known for some of the most stunning designs for use at homes and cafés, by striking the right balance between classic espresso machine designs and contemporary technology. Each new Rocket coffee machine is beautifully designed and made, making it classy and eye-catching at the same time and the reason why it is a popular choice for café owners in Melbourne. But these go over form, and also combine functions like thermal stability, digital PID controls, saturated group systems and more, to give excellent coffee, cup after cup.

Protect your Rocket coffee machine purchase with our service warranty

At Coffee Machine Warehouse, we stock new as well as used Rocket espresso coffee machines that can be used at home or in small offices. Whether you are looking for a Rocket R58 to serve espresso martinis while entertaining, or a commercial Rocket coffee machine for your café, you can find your pick from among our extensive range of new and second hand Rocket coffee machines in Melbourne. You needn’t worry about quality and performance when you buy from us. Even our used Rocket espresso machines for sale come with a service warranty that gives you complete peace of mind, during and post purchase.

On-site servicing for your Rocket coffee machines

What’s more, our on-road technicians also offer general Rocket coffee machine serviceacross Melbourne. Alternatively, if you need urgent repairs, you could also get your Rocket Coffee Machine to our Richmond warehouse for spot repairs.

Rocket espresso coffee machines are high performers, and are loved by all our customers in Melbourne. If you have an existing coffee machine, and wish to upgrade to a Rocket, feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to help you find the right Rocket coffee machine for your space, so that you can continue enjoying the perfect espresso whenever you wish to.