San Remo Café Racer

A product of passion, the San Remo Café Racer has taken the industry by storm. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this has been a game changer for the coffee industry, which has established San Remo as a global leader among the high-end brands present today.

Presenting the Café Racer – truly one of its kind.

It is a known fact that San Remo is passionate about technology, and the Café Racer is a perfect blend of advanced espresso technology and great looks. Each and every coffee machine is meticulously built by hand and reflects fine Italian craftsmanship. The San Remo Café Racer goes a step further, with a design that is inspired by a love for motorbikes and personalization. It offers a host of options for customizing every cup, and is the ideal choice for large volume coffee requirements. This makes it unmatched in power, design and functionality as compared to any other coffee machine out there!

Want a Café Racer for your business? Here’s what you need to do.

At Coffee Machine Warehouse, we feel lucky to have chanced upon some second hand Café Racers in good condition. Apart from this, we also enjoy an excellent relationship with San Remo distributors, allowing us to offer you the best of both new and used equipment. So whether you are looking to purchase a brand new San Remo Café Racer or a used one, wanting to service an existing machine or discuss how a Café Racer could benefit your business, we are your one-stop shop! We also offer grinders, accessories and other models from San Remo. If any of this calls out to you, contact us to speak to our in-house coffee machine experts today!