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Second Hand Commercial Coffee Machines For Sale

Making your way into the coffee industry can be daunting with so many options for new & used coffee machines for sale. It can sometimes be overwhelming which is where we come in, Coffee Machine Warehouse will help to find the perfect package of espresso equipment for you.

Things to consider:


Size of machine

There are a few things to take on board when deciding the size of a machine suitable for your needs. How big is your bench space? What power do you have available?

High Cup / Low Cup

Are you intending on using 16oz takeaway cups? You will need a high cup machine for ease of use. You are certainly able to use a dosing cup & move the espresso to your takeaway cup but why create yourself the extra work? Get yourself a high cup machine & make life easy for yourself.

Electronic / Automatic Grinders

Do you prefer to have a chamber full of ground coffee, ready for you to dose as needed with grounds being dispensed at the pull of a lever giving you quick bean to handle the action ? Perhaps you prefer an electronically dosed shot, where the push of a single shot button will dispense the correct amount required each and every time giving you fresher, more accurate dosing?

Budget & Flexibility

Do you have a budget you’d like to stick to? Have you considered a Rent Try Buy solution from SilverChef? This would allow you the flexibility of a small weekly repayment as opposed to forking out the full amount prior to opening. This means you can be making money while paying off the equipment. SilverChef allows you the flexibility to upgrade, return or buy out the equipment at any time. Decided to get a 2 group & you are so busy you wish you had a 3 group; upgrade your unit with SilverChef. It’s as simple as that!

Automatic Tampers

Adding a Puqpress to your coffee setup is going to give you an extra dose of consistency ensuring that your group handles are packed the same way, every time. Use a Puqpress to eliminate the different coffee flavours that can be produced by different barista staff and their techniques.

Jug Rinsers

A jug rinser isn’t going to affect your consistency but it is certain to make life easier on your barista staff. As simple as placing your jug atop the rinser, letting it do the hard work of cleaning your jug while you get the next espresso shot on.

Taking all of this into consideration, the sales team at Coffee Machine Warehouse have 40 years of experience between them. Let us share our knowledge with you!

For more information on new & used espresso coffee equipment we have for sale, get in touch today!

Coffee Machine Warehouse, 132 Dover Street, Cremorne VIC 3121, +61 414 909 911

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