Starting the day with a cup of coffee is de rigueur for most people now. Making a cup of perfect coffee is an art that needs to be perfected. And if you have a café or a restaurant or even an office that serves coffee, you cannot afford to go wrong with this. After all, it is the one drink that gets people to come back for more! This is why it becomes important to have the right equipment for your organization, and here is where we would like you to introduce these cool new Wega coffee machines.

Wega Coffee Machines are among the leaders when it comes to coffee machines across the globe. In fact, these have become synonymous with fine Italian craftsmanship when it comes to espresso coffee machines that are preferred by so many fine dining restaurants or premium cafes that serve coffee. No matter what model you choose, you can be assured of getting a reliable performance when it comes to a Wega.

At Coffee Machine Warehouse, we have a wide range of Wega coffee machines for sale across Melbourne, and depending upon your need, you can choose from new as well as used Wega coffee machines. Or if you don’t wish to invest in the machine itself, we also offer the option of yearly rentals for Wega coffee machines of your choice. And just like the machines you might buy, you can also be at ease because all of our machines come with a warranty, as well as support before, during and post purchase. Our new machines come with a standard warranty of 12 months, while the second hand Wega coffee machines come with a warranty of 3 months. So whenever you face any issue or need any help, our on-road technicians in Melbourne will be there to offer a complimentary Wega coffee machine servicing during the warranty period.

So think no further if you are considering Wega coffee machines. These are high performing machines are also efficient – much like the perfect barista. Browse through our online store to check out all the options available for you. And if you are unsure about which model to choose from, give us a call and we would be delighted to assist you in picking the Wega coffee machine that is perfect for you. Because we are all for good coffee, and life’s too short to drink bad coffee!

Wega have been continually producing high quality professional espresso coffee machines since 1985, giving them 35 years worth of experience and the understanding of what makes great coffee and a great machine.

Wega are known for producing extremely durable and reliable coffee machines that, when cared for and maintained, have been known to have the best life span out of all the machines available on today’s coffee machine market.

Wega coffee machines also continue to grow and develop as a business in terms of machine design, features and quality in order to maintain their spot as one of the most trusted machines in the coffee industry today. They continually release equipment that will fit every business, whether you need volumetric, semi automatic or manual controls there will be a Wega machine that fits your needs. They are also extremely user friendly and are built to produce high quality coffee, shot after shot.

If you are after a quality machine that you know you can trust then Wega is the brand for you.

Wega is an Italian coffee machine manufacturer that has been producing and importing high-quality professional espresso coffee equipment since 1985, giving them 35 years worth of experience and an understanding of what makes a great espresso coffee machine.

Wega has long been considered one of the best manufacturers of espresso coffee machines on the market, this is due to their long history of producing extremely reliable machines, which with the right care and maintenance can have the longest run time out of any other machine on the market today.

Wega coffee machines also continue developing, redesign, and improving their equipment and products to maintain their spot as one of the most trusted and loved coffee machine producers in the espresso market.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing machines that Wega offers, then Coffee Machine Warehouse would be happy to assist you. Feel free to come in and visit us at our Melbourne Showroom, located at 1858 Princes Highway, Clayton or you can reach us at sales@coffeemachinewarehouse.com.au and on +61 487 000 462.